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Stand Up Montana

Our mission is to advance and defend individual freedom, civil liberties, and equal opportunity for all Montanans.

We do this by promoting non-partisan, data-backed resources and deployable initiatives that increase public awareness and drive active engagement on key issues impacting our local and national communities.
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Freedom Matters in Montana Politics


Mandates are not laws; they do not go through the law-making process


Find everything you need to know about Montana elections and voter services


Find out how you can protect your rights and the rights of your children

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Help Shape Law & Litigation

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Montana Litigation

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Securing our freedom is no easy task and must take a multi-pronged approach. One piece of our approach is through litigation. As we work at the local level to activate people to get involved in elections, legislation and education, we are also pursuing lawsuits, which is one way to define and shape law and legislation.


One of the single most influential processes in your life and that of your family’s life, is the legislative process. Your state legislature, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, holds session every other year and has the power to create statutes and codes that either restrict or improve your rights. Each legislative session may see hundreds or thousands of new bills entered and voted on, yet so few people get involved in this process. You have the power to create legislation and see it through to completion. Get involved today!
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Montana Legislation

Did you know you have the power to protect and preserve your freedoms?